Extended Butterfly

Inverted D



Inverted Kick Down

How to Pull and Push When Inverted


Handspring Prep


Transition to a Forearm Grip

Transition to an Elbow Grip

Iron X

Try it in a Combo

Straddle Hold - Ayesha

Flatline Scorpio - Ayesha

Eros - Inside Leg Hook - Ayesha - Figurehead

Hip Hold - Inside Leg Hang - TG Ayesha

Points of Contact

Top arm pulling.

Bottom arm pushing.


  • Pull with your arms and engage your core to invert.
  • In the Ayesha, pull with the top arm and push with the bottom arm, engage your core. I keep my top arm bent to help me pull, but you can have it straight, just not locked out.
  • Keep looking up to the ceiling.
  • Make sure your butt is away from the pole.
  • Push your front leg low, keeping it wide. Take your back leg out slowly to help find the balance point. Engage your thighs and point your toes.
  • The progression from Flower to Ayesha can take a long time so stick with it.
  • Always know how to dismount.