Allegra - Open

Flatline Scorpio


Allegra Variation - Crossed Leg Pose

Points of Contact

Inside thigh.

Inside arm pulling.

Stomach and back.

Bottom arm around the pole.

Try it in a Combo

Flatline Scorpio - Allegra - Superman


  • Pull with your arms and engage your core to invert.
  • In the Flatline Scorpio really push with the bottom hand and pull the inside foot down using your leg muscles.
  • Use the leg grip and stomach grip to help keep you on the pole.
  • Pull with the inside arm - the more your bend your inside knee to your chest, the more room you will have for this hand.
  • Turn your body out to the side.
  • Roll your shoulders back. Try to relax as you reach behind the pole. It can help to have a spotter and / or a mirror to find the leg.
  • This can be twisty and uncomfortable but will get easier the more you try!
  • Always know how to dismount.

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