Extended Butterfly


How to Pull and Push When Inverted

Inverted D

Inverted Kick Down



Ayesha - Crab Legs

Ayesha - Stag Legs

Baby Phoenix

Flair - Twisted Grip Ayesha

Handspring Prep - Lift Backwards

Handspring Prep - Step Forwards

Handspring - Lift Backwards

Handspring - Step Forwards

Handspring - Twisted Grip

Invert - Ayesha Handstand

Iron X

Transition to a Forearm Grip

Transition to an Elbow Grip

Points of Contact

Top arm pulling.

Bottom arm pushing.

Try it in a Combo

Aerial Invert - Hang Glider - Pegasus - Twisted Grip Ayesha - Twisted Grip Inverted D

Apprentice - Ayesha (Lifting)

Apprentice - Ayesha (Lowering)

Apprentice - Ayesha - Tulip - Butterfly - Ayesha Handstand - Split

Ayesha - Flatline Scorpio

Cross Knee Release - TG Ayesha

Cupid Variation - Ayesha - Poisson - Apprentice

Eros - Inside Leg Hook - Ayesha - Figurehead

Extended Butterfly - Flatline Scorpio - Broken Bird - Legend - TG Ayesha

Extended Front Hook - Back Attitude - Outside Step - Pirouette - Leap - Inside Leg Hang - Twisted Grip Ayesha - Poisson

Flair - Batman - Twisted Grip Ayesha - Genie - Handstand Straddle

Flatline Scorpio - Ayesha

Handspring - Ayesha - Poisson - Flatline Scorpio - Mini Flip

Handstand Pop - Twisted Grip Ayesha

Hang Glider - Twisted Grip Ayesha

Hip Hold - Inside Leg Hang - TG Ayesha

Inside Leg Hang - Twisted Grip Ayesha

Inside Leg Hang - Twisted Grip Ayesha - Pencil

Reiko Split - Ayesha - Jackknife Variation

Reiko Split - Ayesha via Leg Hook

Scorpio Flip via Ayesha

Scutoid - Ayesha

Sneaky V - Ayesha

Sneaky V - Ayesha - Sailor Variation - Floating Butterfly - Shoulder Mount Straddle - Apprentice

Straddle - Forearm Ayesha

Straddle Hold - Ayesha


  • Pull with your arms and engage your core to invert.
  • In the Flower, pull with the top arm and push with the bottom arm, engage your core. I keep my top arm bent to help me pull, but you can have it straight.
  • Keep looking up to the ceiling.
  • Make sure your butt is away from the pole.
  • Take your front (outside) leg off the pole and push it low, keeping it wide. Take your back leg out slowly in to the straddle to help find the balance point. Engage your thighs and point your toes.
  • The progression from Flower to Ayesha can take a long time so stick with it.
  • Always know how to dismount.

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